Group Videography®

Business-outcome-focused proposals

To make the purchase decision easy for you and all involved, I strive to make a precise ROI prediction the heart-piece of any proposal. Since the preferred Group Videography® workflow starts with looking at what concrete outcome you are looking to achieve, more often than not it is possible to state what returns you can expect from your investment in clear terms.

Strategy Consulting

Hourly rate / fixed price

  • Comprehensive video strategy development
  • Video content conceptualisation
  • Video presentation, -distribution and channel mix conceptualisation
  • Impact measurement solution design

Video Production Services

Hourly rate / fixed price

  • Full video production from A-Z or video production support for parts of it
  • Ready-to-shoot scripts and production roadmaps provided for all involved
  • Support in keeping disruptions of daily business operations to a minimum during production
  • Quality control for the technical excellence of final videos

Campaign Execution Support

Hourly rate / fixed price

  • Campaign execution roadmaps provided for all involved
  • Technical support around video presentation and distribution as well as overall channel integration
  • Periodical progress reports offered for live performance optimisation

Review Support


  • Comprehensive video performance review document provided
  • Feedback methods provided
  • Award submissions
  • Next steps advice

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only offer full campaigns from strategy to review? Or can I hire you for just a little help?

No matter how far you are in your video plans or even campaign execution, I'm here to help. Do you already have a great video strategy prepared and would like an hour of consulting to make sure you haven't missed anything? Get in touch. Looking for some help in finding the right film crew in your area? Let me see what videos you are looking for and I'll "get on the phone" for you. Or are you at a much earlier stage, only entertaining the idea of using video? Then definitely get in touch, there might be a great video 2.0 solution waiting for you.

Video is already expensive. I don't think I can afford to pay extra for consulting and third party support.

Chances are, the part of your budget you invest in consulting will pay off x-fold by awarding you a much more effective and efficient video use. But you don't need to take a gamble on this. Get in touch and let me know what you're looking to achieve and I'll send you a proposal that outlines what to expect from Group Videography® in return for your investment in concrete terms. So you and other decision-makers can easily compare options.

My budget is below 5000€. Does that mean I'm out?

No. Chances are I can help you use video effectively on a lower budget with consulting alone. For example, by providing you and your teams with tailor-made step-by-step instructions to making and distributing employee-generated smartphone videos that make for effective and efficient communications.